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Tesla Hit With ‘Right To Repair’ Lawsuits

Tesla has been hit with two separate class action lawsuits that allege the car maker is illegally curbing competition for maintenance and replacement parts for its vehicles.

As a result, Tesla users are being forced to wait longer and pay more for repair services.

“Tesla needs to open up its ecosystem and allow competition for the servicing of Tesla [vehicles] and sales of parts,” said plaintiffs lawyer Matthew Ruan of Freed Kanner London & Millen, who filed one of the suits.

The other was filed by McCune Law Group. Both suits were filed in California.

According to one suit, Tesla drivers have “been forced to pay supracompetitive prices and suffer exorbitant wait times to maintain and repair their Tesla vehicles”.

The suit credits this to “Tesla’s monopolisation and restraint of the markets for compatible replacement parts (“Tesla-Compatible Parts”) and maintenance and repair services (“Tesla Repair Services”) for Tesla vehicles.”

The proposed class actions will include anyone who has paid Tesla for repairs or parts since March 2019. Neither lawsuit specified a damages amount, but Ruan said the potential class includes “hundreds of thousands of Tesla owners and lessees” meaning it’s likely to be a hefty fine, if proven in court.

The lawsuits also call for Tesla to make its repair manuals and diagnostic tools “available to individuals and independent repair shops at a reasonable cost.”

Tesla is yet to respond to either suit.


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