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Telstra Unveils Pitt St. Exchange

Telstra has thrown open the doors to its new broadcast operations centre (BOC) in Sydney’s Pitt Street exchange.

The centre hosts and distributes video media for Telstra Broadcast Services’ (TBS) customers, including global news feeds and sport. Telstra offers over 400 permanent services out of the BOC that are delivered to end-users over fibre, satellite and IP networks.

TBS was formed 12 months ago after combining Telstra’s assets with Globecast, the media distribution company Telstra acquired at that time.

Telstra head of global industries David Keenan said the investment in TBS showed the company’s desire to expand into international markets by leveraging its core network assets.

The BOC also houses a tier-4 data centre that offers co-location, backup and disaster recovery and off-site storage for TBS’ media customers.

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