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Telstra Manages The Hybrid Cloud With New Platform

Telstra is set to introduce its Telstra Cloud Management Platform, designed for businesses managing multi-cloud environments.

Amid the anticipated growth of hybrid cloud use among enterprises, Telstra is seeking to address the complexities associated with dealing with multi-cloud environments via the platform.

Michelle Bendschneider, Telstra executive director, global products, writes via a blog post that the platform, powered by RightScale,  “will help businesses operate hybrid cloud environments by providing a single, comprehensive view of their private and public cloud services”.

“It adds a critical layer across multiple cloud platforms that essentially gives businesses a bird’s-eye view across all of their cloud resources,” Bendschneider writes, with businesses able to “monitor applications and then automate how workloads respond and scale in line with business demands”.

It is designed to simplify the experience of connecting to, buying and managing cloud services, while ensuring compliance, with the platform’s self-service function providing IT with the capability to make a broader range of cloud services accessible, while ensuring policies and budgets are maintained.

The platform’s analytics help to identify efficiencies and reduce costs.

“We’ve invested heavily over the past few years to bring together our leading global network, cloud infrastructure and data centre capabilities with the world’s most popular public cloud platforms, like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM SoftLayer and VMware vCloud Air,” Bendschneider writes.

“By combining these clouds with the connection and security capabilities of Cloud Gateway and the management tools from this new platform, we can provide customers with the choice, control and confidence they need to truly embrace the cloud.”

The Cloud Management Platform is set for global release next month.

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