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Telstra Launch Rewards Program Amid TPG-Vodafone Merger

Telstra has ramped up its customer retention strategy and unveiled the new ‘Telstra Plus’ rewards program, offering member discounts on phones, smart speakers, sporting events and more.

The news follows growing competition from Optus (who recently absorbed Virgin Mobile Australia), and the proposed TPG-Vodafone Hutchinson Australia merged entity.

The $15 billion merger is awaiting ACCC approval, despite “preliminary competition concerns” voiced late last year. The final decision has been delayed at least twice.

The new Telstra Plus program rewards loyal customers with points earned on bills, eligible for use on a slew of entertainment and technology offerings (e.g. handsets, smart speakers, entertainment tickets and more).

Announced today, Telstra CEO Andy Penn asserts the program is the first of its kind in Australia’s telco landscape.

The initiative forms part of Telstra’s T22 strategy, which seeks to deliver over $1 billion in cost savings by 2022, alongside new customer-first processes.

The overhaul will culminate in just 20 no lock-in phone plans by June 2019.

Consumers can register for the Telstra Plus program today, and can start earning points from May 14.

Telstra Plus members will gain 10 points for each dollar spent on monthly accounts, with three customer tiers available according to the last twelve months of activity.

The news comes as Telstra continues to ramp up its 5G offering, pledging ultra fast speeds and more robust IoT connectivity.

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