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Telstra Hit With $2.2M Bill After Over-Charging Users

Telstra has been ordered to repay $1.73 million to over ten thousand customers it overcharged, as well as an additional $506,160 fine from the ACMA for failing to heed a previous order from the regulator.

Telstra was found to have overcharged more than 11,600 customers, including over four thousand who were billed too much after an initial ACMA order to comply with billing rules in 2020.

“Telstra had already been formally directed by the ACMA to comply with billing rules so should have moved to address these issues and not inconvenienced its customers further,” Nerida O’Loughlin, ACMA chair, said.

“At a time when Australians are being very careful with their budgets, these errors are particularly concerning as they could have caused considerable strain and distress.

“Telecommunications is an essential service for Australian households and businesses, and there are no excuses for overcharging customers.”



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