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Telstra Claims 5G Hype Not Wrong

Telstra Chief Executive, Andy Penn, has defended 5G hype, asserting the technology will underpin almost every tech service in the next five years.

As per The AustralianMr Penn will deliver a speech at the QODE technology summit in Queensland today, highlighting the disruptive transformation caused by 5G.

“During the 2020s we will start living in a world where virtually everything that can be connected will be connected via 5G,” asserts Penn.

The news comes as Telstra continues to pursue its T22 turnaround strategy, which will axe around 8,000 jobs and pursue over $1 billion in cost savings by 2022.

The telco has continued to deploy several customer-first initiatives, including its new Telstra Plus rewards program announced yesterday.

Mr Penn claims 5G will be the backbone for businesses and consumers to implement new tech solutions, encompassing machine learning, AI, IoT and cloud computing.

He affirms 5G will be the catalyst for “dramatic change”, with its unique convergence much more revolutionary than other shifts in telco tech.

Despite this, several commentators remain sceptical of 5G’s near-term benefits – asserting it’s over hyped – with many businesses and consumers’ needs already met by 4G.

Amongst other benefits, 5G is praised for ultra-low latency, ultra-fast speeds and unrivalled IoT connectivity.

Local competition for 5G has continued to accelerate, with rival Optus recently announcing its first 5G home broadband plans.

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