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3D Virtual Reality Displays Make Debut

3D Virtual Reality Displays Make Debut

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The system includes 3D gestural interfaces to control onscreen interaction on a 3D ‘picnic table’ and digital ‘pond’. This allows visitors to interact with the image both with their hands and feet, creating a virtual realistic pond that invites both learning and pleasure from museum visitors.

Power House Museum featurse nine interactive displays designed to give a real world feel of the environment, while at the same time educating visitors.

Areas that can use this technology include computer gaming, digital signage, retail advertising, IT, physical therapy, government offices, education, factory automation, transport terminals, industrial design and other corporate applications.

From a technological perspective, the 3D gesture control system repeatedly tracks full-body movement and subtle gestures in 3D space, translating these movements into computer commands and events. It creates the most lifelike immersive 3D interactive experience imaginable, with no need for a remote or any other peripheral control device.

This technology will transform the advertising and display industries and is revolutionary because it is attracting and engaging consumers, rather than shouting at them, claims the manufacturer.