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Olasonic Pushes 20W Sound Out Of Eggs

The Olasonic TW-S7’s are a fairly large set of laptop-style speakers that use a minimal 2.5 watts from USB connection to push out up to 10 watts of power on each 60 mm driver.

It achieves this high output (despite USB connections not exceeding 5 watts of power output) by constantly drawing power from the connection, while low signal output periods compensate for peak output periods. By dynamically feeding power to the speakers, the 10W per speaker is maintained.

Theoretically, you would be getting top-notch sound with well-driven bass out of the large cones, with a constant stream of hi-fi sound that is run at 20W (at peak output) while maintaining less that 2.5W power consumption.

According to the company’s tech descriptions of the product, the elliptical cabinet design (or the egg shape) should create the ideal acoustics. The speakers come with silicon stands that absorb vibration and let users conveniently aim the speakers.

While the unit’s already hit Japan, Olasonic is throwing the new speakers onto Amazon at the beginning of August for US$129.99.

The company, which was started up by former Sony Home Audio Company President Yoshinori Yamamoto, doesn’t directly distribute in Australia though, so Aussie consumers are left to go through Amazon and take the toll of shipping if they want a taste of eggy sound.