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SVS Launch Sub $2K Bluetooth Enabled Subwoofers

Hi-Fi specialist SVS has unveiled a new 2000 Pro Series of subwoofers with new driver technology and Bluetooth enabled remote automation.

The Company claims that its new products deliver a complete upgrade to their most popular series of subwoofers.

The 2000 Pro Series includes the SB-2000 Pro a sealed cabinet subwoofer for $1,800, a PB-2000 Pro ported cabinet $1,950 and the PC-2000 Pro ported cylinder cabinet models for $1,800.

The new SVS 2000 Pro Series of Subwoofers is set to land in Australia on 30 December with orders opening from the 11 December from authorised dealers claims Melbourne based distributor Interdyn.

Recently Interdyn was awarded a global award for excellence in sales from SVS, with President and CEO, Gary Yacoubian citing the distributors ‘tireless work ethic’ and ‘innovative approach to educating dealers’.

All three models boast the new 12-inch high-excursion SVS drivers, a 1500+ Watt peak power Sledge STA-550D amplifier with discrete MOSFET output allowing for more accurate control over the bass output.

The new proprietary driver design enables what SVS labels, ‘heart-pounding output and deep bass extension with pinpoint accuracy’.

It features a composite-fibre dust cap, a dual ferrite-magnet motor assembly, and has been parabolic surround for ‘extreme excursion’.

Both the PB-2000 and SB-2000 feature cabinet designed, with the PB featuring a ported cabinet enclosure.

The cylinder design of the PC-2000 stands much taller than the other two but saves floor space without missing out on the same deep bass output.

Included in the new lineup is Bluetooth smartphone DSP control via an SVS subwoofer app which allows users to enable one-touch audio optimisation.

Launched initially with the SVS 16-Ultra range of subwoofers, the DSP smartphone app for Apple, Android and Amazon devices enables volume control, DSP function selection including the programming of custom presets.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection rather than a typical IR-remote, the subwoofer does not even need to be in sight of your smartphone to make real-time adjustments.

To manually adjust EQs and DSP settings, there is a rear-panel interface.

SVS calls its 50 MHz Analog Devices Audio DSP with 56-bit filtering ‘the most sophisticated engine ever used in a home subwoofer’ enabled through advanced in-room tuning and optimised frequency response curves.

Each subwoofer is designed to output low frequencies below the threshold of human hearing ‘by deploying the most advanced technology from our flagship models with new innovations,’ according to Gary Yacoubian, SVS President and Managing Partner.

‘We’ve achieved reference performance at a lower price range than ever before’.

SVS’s flagship models like the PB16-Ultra Subwoofer cost as much as $5290, making the breakthrough price point remarkable considering all the included tech and post-processing.

The enclosure of each sub is built with extra thick MDF front baffle with rigid internal bracing to support the drive unit.

Reinforced cabinet design eliminates the chance of audio colouration or resonance from inside the cabinet, thanks in part to the bracing which renders the inside an acoustically inert environment.

Yacoubian believes that ‘more people than ever can now enjoy astonishing output, deep bass extension below the limits of human hearing’.

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