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Sustainable IT Not A Focus For Most Companies

While around half of companies have defined an enterprise-wide sustainability approach, less than one in five (18pc) has a comprehensive sustainable IT strategy, a new report says.

According to a study from the Capgemini Research Institute, while many have built a comprehensive roadmap to accelerate sustainable IT implementation, many organisations are still largely unaware of how to implement sustainable IT practices and proactively address the environmental impact of enterprise-IT: only six percent of companies achieved a high level of sustainable IT maturity.

According to Capgemini, a clear awareness gap about the environmental impact of IT has emerged, with 57pc of respondents unaware of their own organisation’s IT carbon footprint. Those in banking and the consumer products sector show the highest levels of awareness (52pc and 51pc respectively), while the industrial manufacturing sector the lowest (28pc).

Only 34pc know that the production of mobiles and laptops has a higher carbon footprint than the use of these devices over their lifetime.

When it comes to strategy, half of the companies involved have defined an enterprise-wide sustainability approach, yet less than one in five (18pc) have a comprehensive sustainable IT strategy with well-defined goals and target timelines.

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