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Sunlight Beckons Yarra Trams

Sunlight Beckons Yarra Trams

While the NSW Government remains resolutely opposed to any use of alternative energy sources to the State’s huge resources of coal, hacked from enormously deep pits in Hunter Valley fields, the Victorian Government is looking heavenwards.

It has just inked a deal that will see Melbourne’s ubiquitous trams all eventually running on solar power.

Given that Melbourne isn’t over-blessed with sunshine, the trams won’t carry solar cells on their roofs. Rather, the energy will be supplied into the grid by new solar farms in the sunnier fields of northern Victoria.

About 35 milliwatts of the new solar farms, to be built by the end of 2018, will be linked to Melbourne’s tram network, the government of Labor Premier Daniel Andrews  said yesterday.

Could a cloudburst see the Bleak City’s armada of trams come to a shuddering halt? We’ll have to wait and see … and maybe wait …

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