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Struggling Powermove Nobbled By Barbie

Struggling South Australian distributor Powermove is facing another hit and it’s all down to Barbie.

Over the weekend, Products Australia ordered a recall of a Barbie Disco Ball Bluetooth Karaoke Machine which was being sold in Big W Stores between June 1, 2019 and December 2019.

The Australian regulator determined that ‘There are incorrect plug pins on the AC adaptor, which do not meet the required electrical safety standards’ in Australia.

At this stage it’s not known how much the recall will cost Powermove who have lost several brands during the past 24 months and are set to lose the rights to their Toshiba TV products.

Earlier this year management from Powermove were trying to get retailers to stock a Skyworth TV to replace the lost Toshiba brand that next year will be distributed by Hisense who paid to get access to the Toshiba brand name despite the brand being associated with scandal and corruption.

In a blow to Powermove Products Australia said that their Barbie product was a “hazard” and that there was a real “Risk of electric shock”.

They have warned consumers to “Stop using the product immediately and unplug it from the wall socket outlet”.

Consumers can contact Powermove Distribution on 03 9358 5999 or [email protected] for a replacement AC Adaptor or return of the product to your local Big W store or Powermove for a full refund.

For further information, for the closest store Big W store via the website www.bigw.com.au

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