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Stockland Shopping Centres Adding Tesla Chargers

Stockland is partnering with Tesla to install electric car charging points in 31 shopping centres throughout Australia.

The rollout will see Stockland invest $200,000 for the installation of Tesla Destination Chargers at all of its shopping centres nationwide.

Compared to Tesla’s Supercharger network, which can add up to 270km of range in 30 minutes, Destination Chargers charge at a slower rate of up to 110km of range per hour according to Stockland Group Executive John Schroder.

“We know EV vehicles are part of the future and we look forward to offering more features like this to meet continuing Australian demand,” Schroder said (via The Sydney Morning Herald).

“Our customers continue to demonstrate their desire for more innovative in-centre features, tech-integrated amenity and sustainability led initiatives to enhance their everyday shopping experience. It is integral that Australian shopping centres continue to evolve and adapt to retailer, customer and global demands.”

According to Tesla, Destination Charging locations are typically “places you will want to stay for several hours or overnight”.

There are currently only 12 Supercharger locations in Australia, while Destination Charging locations number in the hundreds.

Stockland said the Destination Chargers would be installed in the next 12 months.

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