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“Effie” Prototype To Revolutionise Laundry

Start up project, Effie is aiming to take the stress and hassle out of ironing and laundry with the help of a little robot friend.

The gadget, named Effie will be selling at A$1,176 and be able to press and de-wrinkle up to 12 items of clothing. Effie is built to tackle multiple fabrics including: cotton, silk, denim and polyester.

The company even states that the machine can dry wet clothing, remove odours and handle delicates.

Consumers need not worry, as no installation is required before use. The Effie is size of a book shelf and is also easy to use, with just one start/stop button located on the top of the machine. Inside are 12 coat hangers, each of which are tailor to handle various sizes of clothing.

Effie will also support a mobile app, sending users updates on the progress of a wash cycle. The app also acts as a market place for consumers to order replacement pods, which are required to clean clothing.

Companies have dabbled with this technology in the past, with LG releasing the Styler (that can press up to four clothing items) in 2015.

The release of the Effie is still unknown, but signing up the start up’s newsletter will provide consumers with any future updates.

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