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HP Ditches Windows Phones, Microsoft “Less Focused” On Mobile

HP has announced it will no longer manufacture a line of Windows phones, following recent actions from both Bill Gates and Microsoft to transition away from Windows mobile.

Recent news has widely reported Mr Gates’ personal transition to an Android-based phone.

Reports state Microsoft is relatively disinterested in pursuing the mobile market, in light of competition from Google and Apple.

President of the EMEA regions at HP, Nick Lazaridis, states  HP believes it “doesn’t make sense” to manufacture Windows phones because Microsoft has  “decided on a change in strategy” and is “less focused” on Windows mobile.

In 2016, HP entered into the realm of Windows phones, with the release of a premium device named the ‘Elite x3’. The devices was marketed as a fusion between a phone, laptop and desktop via a series of docks. Lazaridis states HP endeavoured to develop a “number of products” for the Elite product suite, however, it will now end support in 2019.

Considering the long-term future, a HP spokesperson states it has not ruled out the possibility of Windows phones altogether, and may “evaluate our plans with Windows Mobile as Microsoft shares additional roadmap details” in the future.

HP states sales of the Elite x3 will be restricted to what’s already been manufactured, implying the phones are set to disappear, provided HP can find someone to buy them.

HP’s pursuit of the Elite x3 was a bid to see whether there would be a market for premium Windows phones. Given the latest news, the success of the endeavour has not been aided by Microsoft’s lack of interest to invest in the mobile space.

HP states it is now pursuing its own new “mobility solutions” to be revealed sometime next year. Should these devices be smartphones, today’s news would imply they won’t run on Windows.

Microsoft has not released any flagship Lumia phones since 2015.

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