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Spotify To Drop Recommended Tracks Into Playlists Automatically

Spotify has rolled out a new feature which will auto-populate user playlists with recommended songs.

Dubbed “Enhance”, the feature available to Spotify Premium users will compile personalised recommendations, which when activated will offer one recommendation per two tracks up to a maximum of 30 per playlist; these recommendations will have a green “sparkle” icon, and can be permanently added to a playlist if the user wants.

“Enhance brings together the best of you and Spotify, providing you with personalised recommendations to create playlists with ease while keeping you in control through an easy-to-navigate design.

“Simply turn these recommendations on or off with the tap of a button. And once Enhance is on, you’ll see your playlist populated with suggested songs that match the others in your playlist,” the company said.

Enhance will come to Android and iOS users in select markets including Australia and New Zealand over the next month.

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