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Spotify Takes On YouTube with Video Podcasts

Music streaming giant, Spotify, has further thrown down the gauntlet against YouTube, following news it will support video podcasts for free and premium users.

The functionality will allows users to not only listen to podcasts, but watch them too, via a desktop or mobile app.

The feature will initially be restricted to selected podcasts, however, will facilitate continued audio playback when when a device is locked and video ceases.

Shows which will commence with video podcast companion content include the H3 Podcast, Higher Learning with Van Lathan & Rachel Lindsay, and The Rooster Teeth Podcast. 

The news is not a total surprise to some, with Spotify revealing a multimillion dollar exclusive licensing deal with popular podcaster Joe Rogan in May.

Rogan is known for releasing a video video version of his show on podcast, which was tipped to move over to Spotify following the deal.

The feature further ramps up competition between Spotify and Google-owned YouTube, and offers increased flexibility for content creators to market the former as an avenue to download, stream and now watch their shows.

In the interim, Spotify video podcasts is tipped to offer increased exposure, with YouTube remaining as an avenue to benefit from monetised advertisements within videos.


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