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Spotify Expands To Video, Hires Ex-Disney Executive

Spotify is continuing its efforts to expand into video content, with the hire of former Walt Disney executive, Courtney Holt, to oversee Spotify’s original video and podcasting┬ádivision.

The world’s largest paid music streaming service plans to embed video content, as music videos and music footage, into its playlists.

Mr Holt will fill the role left by esteemed TV executive, Tom Calderone, who was hired to produce original series.

Spotify needs to acquire the rights for the majority of music videos it intends to use. This has reportedly resulted in tension with music rights holders, who are said to be concerned that Spotify’s efforts may shrink their share of the company’s sales.

In a bid to attract users away from Apple Music, Spotify is tipped to announce a new suite of original podcasts.

As some context, Mr Holt ran ‘Maker’ – a Disney owned online video company which works with Youtubers – for several years, before transitioning into a broader role at Disney at the end of last year.

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