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Spike In Blu-Ray Disc Players

Alongside the surge in streaming services during COVID-19 lockdowns, The NPD Group has also noted a surprising increase in the sales of both DVD and Blu-ray disc players, which could point to consumers bringing out their old disc movie titles.

Prior to this COVID-19 spike, the sale of Blu-ray disc players peaked way back in 2015 and had been in steady decline since.

According to Media Play News, the sale of DVD and Blu-ray player units were up 27% year-on-year for the week ended 18th April.

“Sales are up as consumers stay at home and look for multiple forms of entertainment,” said John Buffone, Executive Directory and Industry Analyst at The NPD Group.

“These include DVDs and Blu-ray discs to entertain children while their parents are working, backup access devices if Internet access is challenged by streaming, or simply the consumers’ realisation that they may need a physical disc player as an alternative to streaming and either they didn’t already have one or the one they do have needs an upgrade,” Buffone said.

Interestingly, this growth was more significant in areas in the US that were less populated. “It’s very encouraging to see so much DVD and Blu-ray disc sales activity happening in these regions, demonstrating consumers’ appetite for quality in entertainment,” Buffone said.

Streaming player sales jumped more significantly, however, rising by 42% over the same period. The sale of TV units recorded the highest volume ever outside of a holiday period, rising by 86%.

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