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Sound United Reveals New Value Polk Range

Sound United has launched a new entry-level lineup of Polk speakers pitched at gamers, music lovers, and home theatre enthusiasts.

Polk’s new Monitor XT range (below) features two floor-standing towers; slim and full-size centre channels; two bookshelf speakers; a 12-inch powered subwoofer; and a height module for surround sound, all available in black. According to Sound United, this allows customers to build an affordable home theatre system that suits their space and needs without sacrificing on performance.

The Monitor XT series is a great starting point for those wanting to get into Polk, said Frank Sterns, president of Polk Audio.

“Monitor XT provides all listeners an entry point into Polk Audio’s 50 years’ worth of experience building iconic loudspeakers that deliver clarity, high-output and effortless bass.

“As high-resolution audio is becoming the norm on music streaming services and ‘Direct to Streaming’ movie releases in Dolby Atmos proliferate, Monitor XT offers consumers an affordable way to take advantage of improved quality source material,” he said.

The range is available via Polk’s website and Polk dealers, though official Australian pricing has yet to be revealed; parent company Sound United recently bought Australian distributor QualiFi.

  • XT12 Powered Subwoofer – $299 USD each (around $410 AUD)
  • XT15 Bookshelf – $149 USD per pair (around $205 AUD)
  • XT20 Bookshelf – $249 USD per pair (around $340 AUD)
  • XT30 Center Channel – $149 USD each (around $205 AUD)
  • XT35 Center Channel (slim) – $249 USD each (around $340 AUD)
  • XT60 Tower – $199 USD each (around $275 AUD)
  • XT70 Tower – $299 USD each (around $410 AUD)
  • XT90 Height Channel – $149 USD per pair (around $205 AUD)

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