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Soon Your Phone Screen Could Be Made Of Diamonds

They say diamonds are a girls best friend but now it seems diamonds are now a smartphone owner’s best friend, as phone screens in the future could be created from diamonds.

Akhan Semiconductor is a company that grows diamonds for electronic use and now according to CNET will be focusing on creating diamond glass screens and will be released as early as next year.

Adam Khan, CEO of Akhan Semiconductor spoke to CNET last year saying screens made of diamond glass will be stronger, harder, and cleaner than anything you’ve used before.

Khan says the company is currently testing out the screen with a number of device makers, which have not been named. The device makers are stress testing the diamond glass strength and making sure when used will respond to touch.

The screen can be applied with other materials similar to Gorilla Glass.

No word if or when it will happen commercially but its good to know in the future when you drop your phone it won’t mean a trip to the repair store.


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