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Sony Bravia XR TVs Set To Get PS5-Perfect Features

Sony are tailoring their latest 4K and 8K Bravia XR TVs to be even closer aligned with their PlayStation 5 console. While the line-up released earlier this years already had a range of next-gen improvements, features and upgrades that make them great for gaming, the new features will be delivered in the form of software updates before the end of January. These will need to be actioned on both the TV and console.

The first of the features is Auto HDR Tone Mapping. Sony say this will give the PS5 the ability to automatically recognise the TV and engage the optimal HDR setting.

The second new feature is Auto Genre Picture Mode. This is said to ensure a TV identifies when a game is being played and switches to game mode, providing the best possible gaming experience.

The TV will also switch to standard mode when you return to regular viewing.

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