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JobKeeper Ending Will Fix Staff Shortage: Frydenberg

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has claimed that ending the JobKeeper payments once NSW hits 80 per cent will fix staff shortages across the state.

Frydenberg was speaking on 2GB this morning, commenting on those who don’t want to return to work in order to keep collecting the $750 a week payment.

“This is why we’ve actually announced that those emergency payments are being brought to an end,” Frydenberg says.

“People have to reapply now every week for that COVID disaster payment, it doesn’t automatically make its way into people’s bank accounts.

“And it does come to an end when we reach those 80 per cent vaccination rates, which we are very close to doing.

“In NSW, we wanted to have a transition, because not everything is opening up today.

“And so not everyone can get the same number of hours of work that they previously had.

“But ultimately, we want those young gardeners to go and work for that bloke who we’re talking to, we want the waiters, waiters and the waitresses to go back and work in the hospitality industry.”

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