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Sonos Shares Dive 10% As Questions Raised Over Terms & Conditions

During the past 30 days Sonos shares have slumped over 10% as the Companies business model unravels, and analysts don’t see where the upside is going to come from even with their new Ace headphones now out in the market.

UK Hi Fi Magazine What Hi Fi said of the new headphones “Launching the Sonos Ace into a hugely competitive market with a hefty price tag and no track record in making wireless headphones was always going to be quite a gamble”.

“The amount of five-star competition at this level is quite ridiculous, and this leaves the Ace quite exposed. Their safe sound is put to the sword by headphones that are more exciting, more detailed, dynamic and expressive across the board. Both their ANC and call quality can be bettered too”.

Earlier this month ChannelNews revealed that Sonos had changed their terms and conditions relating to the capture and sale of data, with repair technician and consumer privacy advocate Louis Rossmann, now claiming that Sonos has made another significant change to its privacy policy, with the removal of one key line.

Their latest policy no longer contains the sentence “Sonos does not and will not sell personal information about our customers.” this has angered consumers who claim that they do not want their listening data captured and sold by Sonos.

So fed up with complaints about Sono’s products and software CEO Patrick Spence has moved to deliver a canned autoreply for customers emailing him to vent their concerns about issues including the redesigned app.

In Australia custom installers are moving away from installing Sono’s products with one leading Sydney based custom installer telling ChannelNews that Sonos is no longer their preferred speaker for networked audio installations.

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