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Sonos Respond To Reports Of Audio Dropout

Sonos users have reported an issue with playback following the latest firmware update, version 14.6. When listening to Sonos speakers in a multichannel surround sound set-up, audio reportedly drops out.

The update was released to fix other bugs and introduce adjustable volume control for the Beam Gen2. However, the update led to a flood of reports on the company’s site.

The issue occurs when users attempt to change input sources or swap audio codec. The issue can be temporarily fixed via power cycling. Others have reported that audio is out of phase.

When first notified of the issue, Sonos dismissed it with the belief that it was an isolated case.

“To be honest if such a bug were introduced, we’d be hearing much more about it.”

Since then, the company have confirmed that there is an issue and are working to rectify it.

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