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Sonos Jack Up Prices, New Colours For Roam Speaker

Sonos is set to jack up the price of their bottom end Roam speaker, with the US company set to also roll out new colours for their entry level model.

Last week we revealed that Sonos is set to launch a new “Ray” soundbar with the Company keen to sell more low-end products in an effort to lock consumers into a Sonos subscription for content.

The new colours for their Roam speaker that is selling at JB Hi Fi for $299 will be olive, light blue, and red.

Emails sent to current subscribers said, “something colourful” is on the way with a countdown email revealing in the URL, “roamcolors_teaser_owners.”

The new Sonos Roam speakers are already available overseas in the new colours.

Sonos claims that the price jump for their products is due to supply chain issues.

The default colour to date for the Roam speaker is black and white.

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