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Sonos Cuddles Up To Other Brands In Effort To Stay Relevant

Sonos who is under pressure from the likes of Amazon, who recently released a new amp and speakers and several brands with superior audio output, has now moved to cuddle up with third party sound brands in an effort to lift their credibility as a network sound Company.

They are also spruiking brands to co-develop alongside the US brand despite it be an inferior sound system to several other superior sound brands in the market.

The new Sonos home audio hub that is designed to power traditional wired speakers with sound from nearly any source, and fully integrates these speakers into a Sonos sound system. The only problem is that the Sonos sound system is only capable of delivering 16bit audio Vs the superior Denon Heos or Bluesound networked audio systems.

Available from February of 2019 Sonos has cut a deal with Sonance to create a range of integrated architectural speakers to complement the Sonos Amp.

The new amp is twice as powerful as its predecessor, supports Appleā€™s AirPlay 2 and more than 100 streaming services, and includes an HDMI ARC port for TVs.

It is not available in Australia and will only be available for installers in the U.S first starting December 1, 2018.

Unlike the Amazon or Google networked systems the Sonos offering will only work on a proprietary Sonos network Vs working across an open Wi Fi or Bluetooth network.

The Amp is designed to fit into standard AV racks and can power up to four speakers with 125W per channel.

Onboard HDMI and line-in ports means TVs, turntables, CD changers, and other audio components can connect with Amp and become part of the Sonos system, the is the same technology found in several amps from the likes of Amazon, Denon, NAD, Marantz as well as several other brands who have been selling amps for several years.

Sonos who has in the past chosen to support Apple users and not Android claim that future updates to the platform make it easy for installers to incorporate Amp into integrated smart home set-ups, including smart lighting and centralised control systems, they claim that it will support AirPlay 2, but there is no mention of Android support.

Another problem for Sonos owners is that the Company is trying to get consumers to upgrade to new Sonos kit including the Sonos One or the recently released Beam soundbar because prior Sonos sound gear is unable to work with the new Amazon Alexa voice activation technology. These sound systems are also not enabled for Google Voice technology.

Sonos claim that they been a platform company since day one and in early September, Sonos will finally fully open up their platform to any partners as they look to hang onto market share.

However, developers that ChannelNews has spoken to said that development for a 24bit sound system is a better option than developing for the 16bit Sonos platform.

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