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Software Updates Add New Features To Existing Samsung Galaxy Buds

Owners of a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds will be able to enjoy a range of new connectivity and hands-free features via a software update that is now available. The update requires a smartphone running Android L OS or higher with more than 1.5GB RAM and the latest version of the Galaxy Wearable app.

The update adds the Ambient Sound feature, allowing you to hear your surroundings while you’re listening to your earbuds, an important feature if you’re out running or bicycling on the street. Users will also be able to use this feature with just one earbud in, allowing you to hear more of your surrounding environment if needed.

Spotify users can now listen to personalised music on their Galaxy Buds using a simple ‘tap and hold’ gesture. By tapping and holding the earbuds again, Spotify will recommend you playlists based off your history, so you can easily find new songs without your smartphone.

The Microsoft Swift Pair feature, which is new to the Galaxy Buds, enables easier pairing with Windows 10 (or above) PCs, enabling you to listen to work-related tasks, such as remote video meetings, recordings, or listen to tunes while you work. Microsoft Swift Pairing also allows for multiple pairings across devices, giving you the freedom to easily connect to and switch between your main devices.

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