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Social Media Overtakes TV Ads

Social Media Overtakes TV Ads

Social media is dominating Australians’ media consumption habits, a new study from Deloitte has found. According to Deloitte’s annual Media Consumer Survey, social media’s influence stretches beyond entertainment preferences and news consumption, with social reviews and recommendations for the first time taking over from TV advertising in terms of influence on buying decisions.

Deloitte found that all age groups are invested in social media, with 84 per cent of Australians engaged with social media networks; two thirds interacting with social media every day; and 27 percent checking their account four or more times a day.

“Not only has social media become an entertainment activity in its own right, it is now our number one digital destination,” said Deloitte Consulting digital strategy leader Niki Alcorn.

“We spend 21 per cent of our digital entertainment time on social media – creating, reading or commenting on content, uploading photos and videos or writing reviews – with women spending slightly more time (25 percent of their digital entertainment time) in social domains than men (17 percent).” – Channel News

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