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Smartphone Camera Lenses Set To Be Reduced, New Report

The high demand for premium cameras in flagship smartphones has resulted in unprecedented software innovation and a plateau in the number of fitted camera sensors.

In a report released by Counterpoint Research, they claimed that innovation is pushing smartphone camera development in new directions, resulting in a reduced number of camera sensors fitted to a smartphone, longer focal lengths and higher image processing demands.

Camera counts on smartphones have rarely exceeded three since 2019, and the average number seems to be slowly decreasing, according to the report.

Credit: PetaPixel

Camera quality has advanced in many more ways than just megapixel counts and lens quality too.. Software advancements have allowed for more algorithm-based and multi-camera photography.

The growth in algorithm-based photography has put pressure on chip developers to develop more and more powerful processors.

Qualcomm VP Rajen Vagadia says that thanks to camera software advancements, providing smartphone developers with more powerful chipsets is more important than ever.


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