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Sennheiser Launch TV Headphone Kit

Sennheiser have announced a wireless audio system specifically designed to improve TV listening through headphones.

The Flex 5000 features a base station that connects to a TV or home entertainment system and wirelessly sends sound to a receiver up to 30 metres away.

Full control over volume and three hearing profiles for TV, movies and music also allows sound to be customised depending on the listener and content. It also features a ‘Speech Intelligibility’ button that “dynamically reduces TV background noise for crystal clear dialog” according to Sennheiser.

“Flex 5000 is aimed at people who are too experienced to accept bad sound and want a personalized solution that ensures their continued full enjoyment of the TV experience,” said Irene Strüber, Head of Portfolio Management Audiology at Sennheiser.

Any wired headphones can be connected to the system, but Sennheiser supplies a pair of MX 475 in-ear headphones along with the Flex 5000. The receiver has a battery life of up to 12 hours before it can be docked into the base station for charging.

The Sennheiser Flex 5000 will be available from April for RRP $349.95.

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