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Sennheiser HD 400 PRO Cans For Serious Creators

The new Sennheiser 400 PRO studio reference headphones are what professionals deserve, promising high performance, detail and honesty for mixing, editing and mastering.

Ideal for creators, they’re also comfortable enough for marathon sessions, thanks to the carefully engineered light frame which keeps the soft velour pads gently hugging your ears with minimal pressure, and come with both 3m coiled and 1.8m straight detachable cables to adapt to your situation.

Designed for accuracy, these premium 240g cans feature a mammoth frequency response, from 6 up to 38,000Hz so producers receive a full account of their mix.

You also get Sennheiser’s 120-ohm transducers, featuring a diaphragm made from a special polymer blend. Add to this powerful driver magnets and you have deeper but clear and well-defined bass.

Impressively, distortion is below 0.05 per cent, making for nuanced harmonics while still offering bold and articulate delivery.

If you’re really serious about your sound, the HD 400 PRO can be used with Dear Reality’s monitoring plugins to create a virtual mix room with carefully designed acoustics through advanced spatial audio technology.

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