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Sennheiser Expand Into Car Audio Market

German audio engineering company, Sennheiser, has expanded into the automotive market with the debut of its AMBEO audio system for in-car entertainment and communication.

The first in-car AMBEO sound system follows a collaboration with Californian-based luxury carmaker, Karma Automotive – showcased in the 2020 Karma Revero GT during Monterey Car Week (August 15 to 18).

The in-car AMBEO sound system pledges high-grade microphone and loudspeaker components, plus 3D audio capabilities for quality music and phone calls.

Beamforming technology seeks to actively focus on the call speaker, with microphone arrays integrated into both sides of the cabin – amplifying voice, and reducing engine/tire noise.

Sennheiser claims the technology allows others to join the phone conversation, or continue listening to music undisturbed.

“We are extremely pleased to be taking the unique immersive audio experience of AMBEO to automobiles, and to be doing so with Karma Automotive, who put their development focus on electric vehicles,” claims Daniel Sennheiser, Co-CEO of Sennheiser.

“With Karma, we are combining the future of mobility with the future of audio enjoyment.”

Co-CEO Andreas Sennheiser affirms the system will impress with “authentic immersive sound, voice intelligibility, and possibilities for sound personalisation.”

On board the 2020 Karma Revero GT, the Sennheiser AMBEO system comprises a multi-channel loudspeaker set-up in “two main layers”, with a subwoofer for sound immersion anywhere in the cabin.

The car’s headrests have also been integrated into the loudspeaker concept.

Sennheiser claims the system’s AMBEO upmix algorithm can turn any stereo material into immersive audio, forgoing the need for 3D specific sources.

Audio sources and levels are customisable via a graphical user interface, according to the driver’s taste.

A user’s position within the sound stage and preferred immersion audio degree are also adjustable.

[Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar]

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