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Semiconductor Revenue Soaring Despite Supply Issues

Despite the supply chain issues plaguing the industry, worldwide chip revenue is expected to jump this year.

According to the Worldwide Semiconductor Technology and Supply Chain Intelligence service from International Data Corporation, worldwide semiconductor revenue is expected to reach US$661 billion in 2022.

This marks a 13.7 per cent year-over-year growth from 2021’s $582 billion intake.

“The semiconductor industry had an extremely strong growth year in 2021, but shortages and tight inventory in some semiconductor markets remain,” said Nina Turner, research manager, Semiconductors at IDC.

“The global nature of the semiconductor industry has been challenged by COVID-19 and continues to be impacted by regional shutdowns, but we reiterate our outlook for a positive growth year for 2022.

“Longer term, the new fabs and investment announcements will add significant capacity and could increase the risk of overcapacity beyond 2023.”

“Overall, the semiconductor industry remains on track to deliver another healthy year of growth as the super cycle that began in 2020 continues this year,” said Mario Morales, group vice president, semiconductors at IDC.

“The financial and system markets remain narrowly focused on shortages across specific sectors of the supply chain, but what is more important to emphasise is how critical semiconductors are to every major system category and semiconductor content growth that remains unabated over the next five to seven years.”


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