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Security Fears Over Chinese Processing Visas

Australia’s international visa program is using a Chinese Government-linked company to process visa applications in Beijing, a cause for concern among other countries.

The business at the centre of the network, VFS Global, provides visa services for Australia in 43 countries and has facilitated 226 million visas worldwide. VFS Global uses local subcontractors to process Australian visas in China.

Australia’s Department of Home Affairs launched a due diligence process in recent weeks into its visa services in China after concerns were sparked over VFS’s arrangements to process Canada’s visa applications in China.

VFS is expected to appear before a parliamentary inquiry in Canada this week after the Globe and Mail reported that the company had subcontracted its Canadian operations in China to Beijing/ Shuangxiong, which is owned by the Beijing Public Security Bureau – the local police department.

New Zealand also uses the same subcontractor.

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