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Smeg Steam Oven Breaks My Kitchen Rules

Smeg Steam Oven Breaks My Kitchen Rules

Smeg has launched the Combi Steam oven, which it says is “a final breach of the professional/domestic kitchen divide” as home appliances get smarter and more functional. 
The new released Smeg Compact Combi Steam Oven, costing $4190, provides convection cooking – fan forced, fan grill and static grill – with dedicated steam cooking and a combined convection/steam function. 

It combines the advantages of a convection and steam oven for shorter cooking times, better nutritional retention, and has nine cooking functions. 

Steam is a fast means of cooking food evenly while a combination of steam and fan-forced cooking when cooking meats, will brown the dish in a shorter period of time. As well as overall shorter cooking times, it consumes less energy and allows for a gentle preparation method. 
It is handy for dishes like roasts, chicken and baking bread, and joints of meat and whole chickens won’t require constant basting or lose moisture, has pre-set dedicated steam programmes for chicken, fish and vegetables.

There are nine cooking functions including pizza baking and sterilising function, and reheating with the Combi Steam Oven produces an evenly heated meal that has retained its moisture content.

There are three shelf levels, LED display, electronic timer, stainless steel interior and a descaling function. Standard accessories of a 40mm perforated steaming tray, a 20mm non-perforated tray and a wire rack are included.

The water tank, which is easily accessible has a capacity of 1.2 litres. 

The new Smeg oven is available in a classic stainless steel design (SA45VCX2) and the Linear Stopsol silver glass and stainless steel design is 45cm high with a a large 38 litres capacity.

Smeg’s Combi Steam Oven is  available nationally from specialist appliance stores, electrical retailers and some department
stores at $4190.