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Scammers Now Delivering Malware Straight To Your Door

Microsoft is warning users of a new scam that comes in the form of a physical package.

Rather than scamming users over the phone or via links to malware sent over email, the new threat has seen scammer send physical packages through the mail.

Inside the packages is what seems to be a very real and very legitimate copy of Microsoft’s Office Professional Plus, a product that usually costs $639 on the Microsoft Store. This includes a license code and Microsoft branded USB drive.

As tempting as it may be to install such an expensive product for free, users who plug in the USB will be presented with a popup warning them that their device is infected with malware, and that they should call the Microsoft helpline via the supplied support number.

This number puts victims on contact with a fake representative, that will remove the apparent malware from the device for a fee by taking remote control of the device.

Microsoft has launched an internal investigation to get to the bottom of where the packages are coming from.

“Microsoft is committed to helping protect our customers. We take appropriate action to remove any suspected unlicensed or counterfeit products from the market and to hold those targeting our customers accountable,” said a company spokesperson.

“We’d like to reassure all users of our software and products that Microsoft will never send you unsolicited packages and will never contact you out of the blue for any reason.”

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