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Samsung’s Partnership With Google Music Yields First Rewards

As reported by Android Authority, Samsung Galaxy S8 owners have now gained access to an exclusive feature in Google Music.

The New Release Radio button will take users to a personalized mix of new music updated on a daily basis. Functionally, it sounds pretty similar to the Release Radar offered by Spotify.

However, a key difference is that it’s only available for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus – at least for now.

Back in April, Samsung announced their new partnership with Google’s music streaming service, which saw Google Music become the default audio player on the Galaxy S8.

It also gave S8 owners access to a free three month subscription for Google’s premium streaming service and the ability to upload double the amount of local content to their Google Music account (approximately 100,000 songs).

It has also been suggested that future integration between Google Music and Bixby could also be on the cards.

Google has never publicly released data for just how many subscribers their streaming service has but previous estimates by analysts have suggested that it could be far closer to its competitors than many assume.

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