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Polaris Quadbikes Recalled After Asbestos Scare

Australian quad bike supplier Polaris has issued a recall of 12 models within its ‘youth’ range of quad bikes, following the detection of asbestos in some of the component parts used in the range.

Recent testing identified asbestos in brake pads, brake shoes, gaskets, and washers in some of Polaris’ quad bike models.

Following the discovery, Polaris notified the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and issued a formal recall.

“Fortunately, the advice we have currently received indicates the presence of asbestos in the quad bike parts is unlikely to present a safety risk while riding the quad bike. Nonetheless we are treating this issue extremely seriously and working closely with Polaris to gather all relevant information that enables a fast, efficient remediation of any bikes that contain these parts,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

“If you do own a recalled Polaris quad bike, we encourage you to contact your nearest authorised Polaris dealer to arrange the safe replacement of affected parts.”

The ACCC understands that approximately 13,000 of the affected quad bikes are believed to have been supplied in Australia since 31 December 2003.

“The presence of asbestos in quad bike parts is considered more likely to present a safety risk to consumers who do home mechanical work on quad bikes they own, and to employees of businesses who repair and service quad bikes.”

The Polaris models currently subject to the recall include the Scrambler 50, Scrambler 90, Predator 50, Predator 90, Outlaw 50, Outlaw 90, Outlaw 110, Sportsman 90, Sportsman 110, Ace 150, Sawtooth 200 and Phoenix 200 supplied between 2003 and 2017.

“The recalled quad bikes should only be repaired by qualified personnel using appropriate safety procedures. Any materials containing asbestos must be disposed of at licensed facilities,” Ms Rickard said.

The ACCC recommend that customers with concerns should contact Polaris directly.

More information is available on the Product Safety page for the recall.

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