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Samsung’s Drone Solution Makes Optimising 5G Networks Easy

Samsung Electronics has showcased a new solution that combines AI and drone technology to optimise 4G and 5G networks, by ensuring that antennas are installed correctly at optimal angles.

In Samsung’s solution, an engineer on the ground uses a camera-equipped drone, controlled via a smartphone app, to capture photos of the antennas installed on a building’s rooftop. The deep learning-based AI can verify the rotation and tilt of the antennas from these photos, allowing engineers to assess whether antennas have been optimally installed.

This drone-AI method can significantly cut operational costs. Usually, two operator field engineers have to climb cell sites, which is expensive and time consuming.

“As the number of 5G network sites grows, there has been a heightened focus on network performance by operators, and we are seeing an increased market demand for intelligent solutions for site maintenance,” said Sohyong Chong, Vice President and Head of Network Automation, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics.

“Once this solution launches globally later this year, it will offer a safer, more cost-effective and convenient way to satisfy market demands, leveraging our unique capabilities in combining the latest technologies—drones, AI and 5G.”

Samsung currently supports 5G commercial services in Korea, the US, and Japan.

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