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Samsung Wireless Charging Dock Spotted

As previously reported we knew Samsung would be bringing out a wireless charger to compete against Apple but now we have clear images, thanks to a mistake at Amazon’s holiday press preview event and a recent article from Gizmodo.

Sam Rutherford saw the unannounced device laid out on a table and took the shot at an event in New York.

Intriguingly the charger looks like it is set up to power multiple devices at once, with a main fast charging pad and a smaller pad on the side. This suggests that the device may power periphery items like a smart watch, or perhaps even implying an AirPods styled product coming from Samsung soon.

Credit: Sam Rutherford / Gizmodo

The device is powered by USB-C and has been suggested to be able to power two devices at 12W.

All of these features can also be found in the Apple AirPower system, including the multiple device charging ability, though the company has continually delayed the announcement of pricing or a release date.

The Samsung wireless charger will most likely be revealed at the Unpacked event on August 9, alongside the Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Watch and a Bixby-powered smart speaker.

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