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FBI And Aus Feds Take Down Hackers

The FBI has teamed up with Australian Government agencies to help catch the notorious Ukrainian based FIN7 hacker organisation, otherwise known as the Carbanak Group, that had targeted Australians as well as Americans, British and French people.

The US Attorney General’s Office and the FBI have made the arrest and indictment of three high-ranking members of the criminal group public in the wake of the arrests.

After a successful joint international law enforcement effort, the three Ukrainians have been arrested in Europe and are now being extradited to the US to stand trial. They will be facing multiple charges of cyber crime and identity theft.

Speaking on the arrest, Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber Security Angus Taylor said “FIN7 is accused of hacking systems and stealing millions of customer credit and debit card details.

“Australian agencies are deploying their most sophisticated cyber capabilities, combined with traditional police work, to go after criminals and stop them from targeting Australia.

“International crime requires an international response. There is an ongoing global effort to crack down on cyber criminals who are targeting our businesses and hardworking Australians.

“Australia has helped deal a body blow to a prolific international hacking group.”


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