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Samsung Unveils Three New 5G Chips And An Antenna Radio

Samsung unveiled three new 5G chips and an antenna radio at its ‘Samsung Networks: Redefined’ virtual event.

The company presented a third-generation mmWave radio frequency integrated circuit chip, a second-generation 5G modem system-on-chip, and a digital front end-RFIC integrated chip.

The RFIC chip will be embedded in Samsung’s 5G Compact Macro and reduces antenna size by close to half, and lessens power consumption.

The second-generation 5G Modem SoC supports both the below-6 GHz and mmWave spectrums, and will half power consumption compared to previous generation chips.

The digital front end-RFIC integrated chip doubles frequency bandwidth, with reduced size and increased output power. It combines RFIC and digital front end functions for the below-6 GHz and mmWave spectrums.

The One Antenna Radio features “integrated antennas” — a 3.5 GHz Massive MIMO radio, low-band and midband passive antennas — which will simplify and speed up 5G installations. It is “designed to address various deployment environments,” according to Roh Won-il, senior vice president at Samsung.

“We are delighted to discuss the infinite possibilities of wireless technology, as we continue our 5G journey, and pave the way towards the next phase of 5G,” said Cheun Kyung-whoon, President and head of the networks business at Samsung.

“Samsung’s 5G vision includes bringing together the best global expertise and technical insights that can help operators and consumers take full advantage of 5G benefits. We’re grateful that our customers and partners have joined us on this journey, and look forward to achieving many more 5G milestones together.

“These newly unveiled chipsets are the fundamental component of our state-of-the-art 5G solutions, developed through a long-standing R&D effort that enables Samsung to be at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge 5G technologies,” added Lee June-hee, executive vice president at Samsung.

“As one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world, we are committed to developing the most innovative chips for the next phase of 5G advancement, integrated with the features mobile operators seek to stay competitive.”

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