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Samsung To Start Rolling Out New Range of 4K And Crystal UHD TVs

From today, Samsung will begin rolling out its 2020 range of 4K and Crystal UHD TVs across Australia’s major retailers.

Samsung has added a host of new features to both its QLED 4K and Crystal UHD 2020 lines.

These include Ambient Mode, which allows your TV to display beautiful pictures when you’re not watching TV, rather than having a blank, black screen hanging on your wall.

Mobile View, meanwhile, opens up multi-tasking functionality, allowing you to split your screen between the TV and your mobile. The size of each screen is adjustable, and the windows are fixed rather than floating.

In addition, they’re all HDR compatible and allow for one remote control, streamlining everyday use.


The QLED 4K technology offers brighter colours and sharper contrasts than OLED or even 4K technology (without the QLED), using Quantum dot technology.

The main difference between the 2019 QLED 4K and 2020 QLED 4K is the addition of a Quantum Processor chip (available in the Q70T, Q80T and Q95T), which uses AI technology to deliver the optimal sound and brightness for the best possible viewing experience in your specific environment.

The Q95T and Q80T models offer Direct Full Array, which streamlines efficiency, redistributing power from screen areas not in use to parts that are illuminated, creating a brighter picture. They also feature Samsung’s brand new Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+), via the Quantum Processor, which tracks onscreen action and adjusts where sound is emitted from on the TV accordingly (i.e., from the top, bottom or side speakers). The Q Symphony technology integrates OTS+ with Samsung soundbar, if you choose to pair it with such a product.

For improved game play and less lag, the Q70T, Q80T and Q95T have a 200Hz motion rate and real game enhancers.

The QLED 4K TVs range in price from $1,729 to $7,549. Please see below for sizing.

Crystal UHD

Samsung has rebranded its entry-level TVs, launching the Crystal UHD line in 2020. The TU8000 offers a 4K display – offering four times as many pixels as regular Full HD – and smart TV functionality, working with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV, Google Play and numerous other apps.

It is available in the following sizes and prices: 82-inch ($3,93), 75-inch ($2,589), 65-inch ($1,699), 55-inch ($1,369), 50-inch ($1,129) and 43-inch ($1,019).

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