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Samsung To Reveal New Micron LED TV This Week OZ Launch Q2 2021

Samsung Electronic is set to introduce their all-new Micron LED TV’s this week with the new display screens set to be available in Australia by March 2021.

The new display technology is set to boost Samsung’s presence in the premium TV market in 2021 with a range of TV’s going up to 150 inches that can be used in giant TV walls. The Company is the #1 TV supplier in Australia.

Samsung said it will unveil its new Micro LED TV product at a webinar Thursday. The world’s largest TV producer has yet to reveal the product’s specification and price, but industry insiders predict it will be their new Micro LED TV.

The new technology is said to be superior to their current QLED TV’s as it uses micrometre-sized LED modules as single pixels that can also self-illuminate, which provides better resolution and higher clarity.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, Samsung demonstrated new 88-inch and 150-inch models with the new range set to be launched in 65″ 75-, 88-, 93- and 110-inch display sizes.

Han Jong-hee, head of the visual display business at Samsung, then said the company plans to launch micro-LED TVs for the home in the second half in markets that include Australia, the United States and Europe.

According to industry tracker Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), worldwide revenue from Micro LED TVs is expected to grow sharply in upcoming years, rising from around $25 million this year to around $228 million by 2026.

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