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Uniden Launches Solar Powered Wireless Security Cam

Uniden is releasing a new addition to its App Cam Solo line of home security cameras with the App Cam Solo Pro, a wireless, solar-powered, rechargeable camera with built-in spotlight.

Featuring a 120-degree viewing angle and 1080p resolution, Uniden bills the new camera as designed for Australian homes and weather conditions.

“The App Cam Solo Pro can withstand exposure to the elements to continuously and reliably capture footage.

“The addition of the spotlight allows users to better see the appearance of anyone approaching the property, while also acting as an effective deterrent to unwanted visitors,” said Uniden.

An inbuilt Starlight CMOS sensor can add colour to night vision images up to 10 metres away, while the optional solar panel can power the camera in daylight hours.

“The optional Uniden Solar Panel can be used alongside the camera, positioned for optimal sunlight exposure. The solar panel recharges the App Cam Solo PRO, while providing non-stop power during daylight hours, allowing footage to be recorded and viewed without the risk of draining the battery,” the manufacturer said.

Uniden says the camera helps facilitate contactless delivery with two-way talk, and Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice compatibility make for easy integration into existing smart home setups. It features customised voice alerts, which broadcast when motion is detected.

Footage can be viewed live or recorded via the Uniden Solo app, and can be stored either in the cloud or on SD card. Uniden offers seven days free rolling cloud backup with purchase for the life of the product.

Other features include Thermo Sense body heat detection, intelligent alerts and notifications, privacy masking, and two years warranty.

The App Cam Solo Pro will be available for $249.95 from February, with the optional solar panel for $99.95.

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