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Samsung To Reduce Foldables Cost In Competition With iPhone

Samsung are looking into a more affordable option for the foldable smartphones, while in competition with iPhone, hoping for a larger adoption.

Chief TM Roh said, “We are trying to make a leap in our price positioning. We are seriously considering the timing, but it is surely a difficult task.”

The company are in talks with supply partners planning to drive costs down of the manufacturing of foldables, without having to compromise on key specifications.

Bringing the price down would challenge Apple’s iPhone range directly, with the company pitching foldables as premium, high-end devices, partnering with Thom Browne to boost the perception of a “luxury” product.

The market downturn following the last year and a half hasn’t halted to rise of foldables, with estimates of a growth in the coming years.

IDC forecasters are estimating close to 50 million foldables shipped come 2027, and Counterpoint Research expecting 100 million, with the expectation of a foldable iPhone release within two years.

Counterpoint senior analyst, Jene Park said, “We see 2025 as a possibility for the release of a foldable iPhone, which could provide another growth spurt for the segment.”

Samsung’s strategy of flagging foldables as premium and driving down prices is an aim to secure a leading market share, with rival Android makers introducing their own foldables, however they have been largely limited to domestic markets so far.

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