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Apple Tipped To Redesign Calculator App For Mac

Apple’s MacBook computer calculator app is reportedly set to receive a major upgrade with the upcoming macOS 15 update.

This update is expected to turn the app into a notetaking, currency-converting hybrid app.

According to AppleInsider, the calculator app, codenamed “GreyParrot,” will receive a design overhaul, swapping the number boxes with round buttons.

Additionally, the user can resize the calculator, which will turn the round buttons into pill-shaped buttons (if made bigger), or transform them back to their original shape (if made smaller).

AppleInsider added, “When changing the size of the application window, the size of the individual buttons and number keys within the Calculator app increase accordingly, in versions of the software being tested internally. The buttons are said to change shape when the window is resized, adopting a pill shape when the application window is large, or shrinking down to circles with smaller window sizes, mimicking the look of the iPhone Calculator.”

Users can access a new history tape, which will reveal previous calculations with the click of a button.

Also visible will be the mode the calculator was in, whether it be scientific, programmer or basic mode.

Furthermore, with Notes integration, users can easily create notes with mathematical notation.

The app will also incorporate a conversion tool into the user interface, meaning the user doesn’t have to access the tool via the drop-down menu.

AppleInsider claims Apple is set to introduce these and more features on iOS 18 and macOS 15, during the Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) in June 2024.

Also expected to be seen at WWDC 2024 is an early look at both the iOS 18 update and the macOS 15 update.

Additionally, recent leaks claimed information regarding Apple’s generative AI plans will be released, as well as updates to the Apple Vision Pro via the latest visionOS.

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