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Samsung Tipped To Axe Free Phone Chargers, Follows Apple

Samsung is tipped to follow in the steps of Apple, with new reports suggesting it will cease shipping free chargers with selected phones from next year.

According to Korean news outlet ETNews, the move seeks to reduce environmental waste, plus reduce production costs in an increasingly price sensitive landscape.

The news follows numerous reports that Apple could ditch free chargers and earphones with some of its 2020 iPhones – traditionally unveiled around September.

Renowned Apple commentator, Ming-Chi Kuo, claims Apple may even phase out 5W and 18W chargers which come with today’s iPhones, and separately sell a new 20W charger.

Chargers are dubbed one of the largest components in phone boxes, with its removal deemed to reduce packaging sizes for both Samsung and Apple.

The move comes as wired earphones also lose traction in favour of wireless earbuds, like the AirPods and Galaxy Buds, when used with phones.

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