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Samsung Show Off QLED At Launch Event

First shown off at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, Samsung has now officially launched their QLED TVs down under.

Mark Warburton says “it’s a very special time for us at Samsung and also for the TV industry.”

The range, comprised of Q9, Q8 and Q7, promises to “provide a seamless experience” that houses the best innovations that Samsung have to offer.

“Paying very close attention to the needs of our customers” he says.

According to Samsung, the flagship QLED experience comes down to three pillars – picture quality, intuitive software improvements and something is calls Q-Style.

The Q-series TVs will offer a 30% improvement on last year’s SUHD range in terms of color volume.

“It’s about giving you brightness where you need it,” Samsung’s Aaron McNamara said

Essentially, Samsung say the Quantum Dot-powered are designed to get the best results out of not just 4K content, but specifically HDR-enabled 4K content.

They say the Q9 is the brightest TV ever made, with a peak brightness of up to 2000 nits.

The Q7 and Q8 sit slightly under that with a peak brightness of 1500 nits.

When it comes to more functional improvements, Samsung say that they’ve worked to address the many “pain points” of the customer experience.

They’ve invested more effort into the Smart TV interface, for example. It looks sharp and will automatically pull up streaming services for whatever content device you plug in.

Built-in support for for Valve’s SteamLink has even been added, making it a better buy for gamers.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the hardware side of things, they’ve added a versatile mounting hinge that supports soundbar and ten-degrees of tilt.

Samsung say this “No Gap Wall Mount” will work alongside the transparent “invisible” cable and Samsung One Connect Box to bring together a home entertainment experience that’s easy to set-up and stylish to behold.

There’s also going to be an SUHD-range which they say will “offer more Australians access to the technology found in the QLED range.”

“We believe there is a compelling story to tell in that space,” Mark Warburton said.

The entire MU range is 200Hz and carries a peak brightness of 1000 nits.

The Q7 will retail at a price of $4499 for the 55-inches, $6499 for the 65-inches and $10999 for the 75-inch model.

The Q8 raises that to $5499 for 55-inches, $7499 for 65-inches and $12499 for the 75-inch model.

Finally, the flagship Q9 will come in at $9499 for 65-inches, $14999 for 75-inches and a whopping $39999 for the top of the line 88-inch variant.

The Q-series will land on Australian shores from April 17th

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